Southgate City Council Meeting webcast video Wed June 1st, 2016

Southgate City Council Agenda
Council Chambers
Wednesday June 1, 2016

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6:30pm Work Study Session

1. Officials Reports
2. Discussions regarding agenda items.

7:00 pm Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call: Colovos, Farrah, George, Graziani, Rauch, Rollet, Zamecki.

Minutes: 1. Work Study Session Minutes dated May 18, 2016.
2. Regular City Council Meeting Minutes dated May 18, 2016.
3. Public Hearing Minutes dated May 18, 2016

Scheduled Persons in the Audience:
Consideration of Bids:

Scheduled Hearings:

Communications “A” –
1. Memo from ACA/Finance Director; Re: Fourth Quarter Budget Amendment
2. Memo from Administrator; Re: Resolution to accept the terms of the
MDNR Trust Fund Grant – Pavilion Improvements
3. Memo from Administrator; Re: Resolution to Extend Southgate’s Current
Contract with Riney Electrical

Communications “B” – (Receive and File)
Old Business:
New Business:
Unscheduled Persons in the Audience:

Claims & Accounts: Warrant # 1306 – See Warrant


Janice M. Ferencz, City Clerk

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