Southgate City Council meeting Wednesday, Jan 2nd, 2013 8PM

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Southgate City Council Agenda

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


                             7:45 pm Work Study Session – Council Chambers                           


  1. MLCC-SDM License for the Stop & Go Station at 13785 Allen                                                         (communications a1)
  2. Waiver of Bid Procedure for Purchase of Fire Department Equipment with Grant Funds (communications a2)
  3. Questions on Agenda or Miscellaneous Items


8:00 pm – Regular Meeting– Council Chambers                      

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:   Colovos, Ferencz, Ganzberger, George, Rauch, Rollet, Zamecki.


Minutes:                    1.   Work Study Session Minutes dated December 19, 2012.

2.  Regular City Council Meeting Minutes dated December 19, 2012.


Presentation:  Christmas Home Decorating Contest Awards


Persons in the Audience:


Consideration of Bids:


Officials Reports:


Scheduled Hearings:


Communications “A” –        1.  Memo from Administrator; re:  SDM License for 13785 Allen.

2. Memo from Public Safety Director; re:  Mobile Computer Terminals.

3. Letter from Mayor; re:  Appointment to the Dangerous Building Board.

4. Letter from Mayor; re:  Appointment to the TIFA Board.

Communications “B”




Old Business:

New Business:


Persons in the Audience – unscheduled:


Claims & Accounts:   Warrant #1224:



Thomas M. Alexander, City Clerk

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